Van der Vlist transports trencher Sunfish of 14 meters high!

Van der Vlist transports trencher Sunfish of 14 meters high!

For the Luchterduinen offshore wind farm in the Netherlands, our customer had been asked to rebury a part of an existing export cable. The export cable did not meet the desired burial depth. This cable was located in the zone near the coast and was therefore inaccessible to the usual offshore trenchers. The customer provided the solution by mobilizing the trencher Sunfish for intertidal areas.

Van der Vlist had been asked to transport this 140 tonne and 14 meter high Sunfish. A great challenge that we have carried out to the complete satisfaction of the customer.

We agreed with the customer to what extent the machine had to be dismantled, in order to keep the transport within the dimensions for road transport.

From Zeebrugge, the parts of the Sunfish had to be transported in the correct order. This was very important because the trencher had to be assembled as quickly as possible, due to limited storage space on the beach of Noordwijk.

After the client completed the project, we carried out the return road transport quickly and efficiently during the demobilization.

With all our in-house expertise Van der Vlist was able to completely unburden the customer.