Big Cat in “small” pieces

On the instruction of Snijder B.V., Van der Vlist have transported a Caterpillar 6015 B (SCP) from Hoorn to Antwerp. The machine will  then be loaded to vessel in Antwerp for onward shipping for an overseas project. The weight of the body pictured on the first photo is 70 ton.

Due to the size of this particular machine, parts are dismantled before transportation can be started. Holtrop Van der Vlist discuss how the machine should be broken down in order to allow for optimal transport composition taking into account maximum dimensions and weights.

Snijder B.V. constructed the machine at their facility utilising their own engineers ensuring that each part has sufficient lashing points to comply with the legal requirements for road transportation.

The expertise of Van der Vlist in transporting these big machines is developing constantly, in this case, from the Caterpillar 245HD (approx. 72 tons) up to the current generation SCP machines with an operating weight of about 300 tons.