Van der Vlist Ready for Rail

After a long period of engineering and homologation Van der Vlist is almost ready for rail. The Van der Vlist XL-bolster, that can carry cargo of maximum 3 meters wide, 3 meters high, 12 meters length and 28T in weight, was finally tested in real-life. Together with one of our valued clients we tested loading, lashing & securing of different types of machinery. As a result of this test we are almost fully prepared to implement this environmentally friendly way of transporting oversized cargo. Early 2024 we will start using this XL-bolster in regular transports. We will keep you posted.

Van der Vlist is specialized in multimodal transport to numerous destinations. Now, besides road and water, Van der Vlist will also transport out of gauge loads over rail, with our own XL-bolster.