Renewal of the Van der Vlist fleet

Last year more than 60 new trucks were brought into use by the Van der Vlist Group.  Furthermore, Van der Vlist invested in a wide range of semi low loaders and low loaders.

Van der Vlist Technical Services configure the trucks and trailers in their own workshops in Groot-Ammers, Assen, Rijssen and Poznan. The Van der Vlist mechanics make a number of technical adjustments and bespoke additions such as: installation of board computers and converters, camera systems, work and safety lighting (e.g. beacons and flashes) plus set-ups behind the cabin. The in-house mechanics also adapt the trailers in line with specific transport needs. For example, specific applications for wind and rail transport as well as other specialist markets.

In addition to the build-up works, Van der Vlist take care of the daily maintenance of the trucks and trailers. Regular preventive maintenance is carried out, such as replacing the water pump, clutch, starter motor. This ensures our equipment is safe, efficient and prevents unnecessary downtime.

In the course of the coming year a brand new workshop will be opened  in Schelluinen, close to Gorinchem.