Technical services

Technical services

We have extensive experience in the assembly and modification of earthmoving machines, road construction machines, agricultural machines and other heavy equipment.

Assembly and adjustment

Our work processes are adapted to the requirements of the recipient and the country of destination. Many customers expect their machines to be delivered ready for use, and we understand that. We therefore temporarily store the machines in our customs warehouses for manufacturers in accordance with the customer's requirements. In some cases, we carry out assembly and modification on site to reduce costs even further.

Our technicians are experienced in assembling machine arms, booms, tracks and hydraulic functions and building optional systems (e.g. central lubrication and GPS systems), as well as the complete assembly of a 5,000 piece dump truck. This allows us to deliver within a few days instead of weeks or months.

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Pre-delivery inspection (PDI)

Quality assurance is very important to us and it is an essential component of our logistics process. Our PDI department is responsible for the functional and visual inspection of machines according to our customers' specifications. The PDI activities include thorough product inspection based on our customers' quality requirements. Any defects discovered during the assembly process are reported and remedied by our qualified staff. The machine is then taken to the washing facilities before undergoing final inspection. With our PDI, you are assured of a high-quality product. You get value for money: a clean machine that is ready for immediate use.

Spraying and washing

Besides maintaining your machines, we can also refurbish and completely refinish goods. Our colour spectrometer allows us to offer any colour you may require, including chemically resistant paint. Specialised spray booths and spray systems ensure the perfect finish of every machine, whether refurbishing used machines or applying customer-specific colours or protective coatings. Washing facilities are available at our locations to ensure that all adjusted machines leave our premises clean and in perfect condition for further transport.

Customs and taxation

For customers abroad, we offer the possibility of acting as a tax representative. We have extensive knowledge of relevant legislation and take care of the declaration, remittance of local VAT and other administrative procedures. In conjunction with the customer, we search for the solution with the greatest benefits and the lowest costs. With customs warehouses, goods remain in transit until they are required. All machines can be assembled and modified before sale without the need to pay customs duties and taxes. We have trusted partners in almost every country to ensure pleasant cooperation in a complex international context.

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