We can facilitate almost everything related to special and heavy transport for manufacturers, dealers, end users, traders, lessors and forwarders. We can handle any job with our modern fleet of 260 trucks and trailers, specially designed for construction machinery, and our experienced drivers.

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Transport of all construction machinery

Most people know about us because of our earthmoving machines. Everyone has seen a Van der Vlist flatbed semi-trailer somewhere in Europe carrying a new or used earthmoving machine. We have the resources and expertise to transport the following construction machinery safely and efficiently:

- Excavators
- Dump Trucks
- Wheel loaders
- Bulldozers
- Piling and drilling rigs
- Drainage machines
- Pipe Layers
- Graders
- Scrapers
- Crushers
- Rollers
- Milling machines
- Asphalt pavers

Complete logistics chains

In addition to road transport, we also provide global multimodal transport solutions, e.g. combinations with maritime transport. We also facilitate the fully flexible chain between production location and end user of customer-specific machines. For example storage, assembly, modification (also on site), PDI, cleaning, spraying and customs formalities. This is possible thanks to our strategically located, fully equipped technical facilities.

More about our technical services

We provide these logistics chains not only for the construction machinery itself, but also for the materials that are processed in the chain, e.g. sheet piling, profiles and pipes.

Total control over the logistics chain.

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