Special and heavy transport by road


The company has over 90 years of experience in the transport of abnormal, special and heavy loads. Van der Vlist has the right knowledge and expertise to transport your heavy or special transport needs safely and reliably. Read more about all the options here.

Special transport

We transport long, high and wide loads by road using our own fleet of over 260 trucks and trailers, and we have 2- to 10-axle flatbed semi-trailers and Euro flatbed semi-trailers. All of our trucks are also equipped with GPS systems to provide accurate feedback on the location of your transport. Our drivers have extensive experience with abnormal and heavy cargo: they are trained according to European safety standards. We see them as the ambassadors of Van der Vlist: they carry the social and environmental vision of our company and represent the point of contact for our customers and other stakeholders throughout Europe. We transport freight such as construction machinery, agricultural equipment, silos, cable reels, etc. Every transport is carried out and handled by our experts in a safe and efficient manner, without any effort required on your part.

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Heavy transport

We use modular equipment, so that we can build the right trailers for your transport. This means that even abnormal loads that are too large for our standard equipment can be transported. In addition to our 4- and 8-axle modular basic equipment, we also have drum bridges for very high and heavy loads and various customised parts for other specialist sectors.

We have various modular systems. Especially for the wind energy sector, we have extendable trailers of up to 75 metres that can be used to transport wind turbine blades. We have special adapters available to transport tower parts.

Our rail trailers and platforms are designed for loading, unloading and transporting trams and trains. We also have various other modular systems available, such as curved profiles to support silos and tanks and adjustable beams for wide loads.

Exemptions and transport supervision

We are able to handle your transport as efficiently as possible and we hold various standing exemptions that are valid for the whole of Europe. Our experienced staff can also arrange for additional exemptions and transport supervision when necessary through their contacts with local authorities.

Route planning

An important element in transport is appropriate routing. When arranging transport, our experts carry out a comprehensive check of the route to ensure that the roads are suitable for the transport in question. If we notice that there are obstructions on the route, we choose an alternative route or temporarily remove street furniture.

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