Statement Van der Vlist regarding coronavirus: In light of current events Van der Vlist has taken preventive measures in order to reduce risk of contamination. Advise and guidelines as issued by the official Authorities remain leading. We aim to safeguard the continuity of our services and we thank you for your understanding in these challenging times.
We entrust each other to God’s care.
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Special and Heavy Transport

Over 85 years’ experience of transporting abnormal loads

Heavy transport

With our own fleet of over 200 trucks and trailers, we can offer the road haulage of any long, high or wide load. We have a fleet of semi low loaders and euro low loaders, from 2 axles to 8 axles, with GPS tracking systems to provide accurate location feedback.

Our drivers are highly experienced within the abnormal load industry, and are trained to European safety standards. They are ambassadors for Van der Vlist, proudly promoting our company’s social and environmental values and are able to communicate with anyone in a pan-European context.

We deal with heavy cargo from any industry, whether it is transporting construction machinery, agricultural equipment, silos, cable reels or any other out of gauge cargo, our experts will be able to deal with it safely and efficiently.

Special transport

Our range of modular equipment means that for any exceptional loads over the dimensions suitable for our standard equipment, we can build a suitable trailer. From a base of 4 and 8 axle modular lines, we have vessel bridge beams for any very high and heavy shipping, and a range of tailored sections for other specialist industries.

For wind energy transports, we have extendible trailers up to 75 metres to transport wind turbine blades, and clamp trailers designed to transport the tower sections. Our custom rail trailers and ramps are designed perfectly to load, unload and transport tram and train carriages. We have many other specifically designed sections of modular units, from curved pieces to support silos and tanks, and adjustable beams for wide loads.

Permits and escorts

We have a range of permanent permits in place across Europe, and knowledgeable staff located across the continent to facilitate any extra permit or escort requirements, and to liaise with authorities. This means that we can process transport requests as efficiently as possible.

Route surveys

When arranging a transport our experts are able to thoroughly check the route to ensure that we can securely access all sites, that the roads are appropriate for the cargo, and if required arrange for the removal of street furniture or re-direction to a more secure route.

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