New Technical Logistics facility in Zeebrugge

Van der Vlist has recently opened a new Technical Logistics facility in Zeebrugge. This is the second facility in the area for Van der Vlist and has been developed over the last two years to provide extra capacity for the assembly and modification of agricultural and construction equipment.

The existing facility in Koggenstraat in the transport zone remains focussed on compact machines. This existing site has 32,000m² of outdoor storage space and 5,000m² of indoor storage space with also 3,000m² of workshops. Due to the demand for services at Van der Vlist Zeebrugge had been growing so fast, it was sometimes necessary to refuse new clients and activities. The new facility has been designed to focus on the heavier equipment offering access to 30,000 m2 with 4,000 m2 of workshops.

The new site has been sustainably designed. Heat pumps and solar panels have been installed to avoid the need for gas or fuel oil. EV Charging stations have been installed for company and colleague vehicles and in preparation for the arrival of Electric Trucks, which have recently been invested in, there will be two double heavy duty charging stations.