Van der Vlist is prepared for the electric future

All around us, we see electrification taking place.

From the solar panels on our homes to fully electric driving mining trucks.

At Van der Vlist, our goal is to take care of the complete supply chain of our customers from transporting electric buses to assembling electric construction equipment. We are preparing to support the acceleration of the energy transition. Van der Vlist already installed 4000 solar panels on different offices and workshops until now.

We have started with educating our drivers and mechanics about the specific requirements and safety precautions that come with transporting and assembling these machines.

Van der Vlist has invested in recent years in over 20 specific tailor made trailers to transport electric busses and trucks. As well, Van der Vlist is a main supplier in the total logistics of windmill farms. We are setting up our workshops and storage yards with equipment and tools to be able to assemble and modify high voltage machines.

It is clear that major changes are coming and by continuing to expand our knowledge about regulations and innovations, Van der Vlist is ready for it.