Van der Vlist provides special and heavy transport for the shipbuilding, dredging and offshore industries. Under our own management we provide the complete logistics chain for the following products and port materials, among others:

Engines, pipes, sheet piles, pontoons, thrusters, anchors, pump houses, grippers, forklifts, reach stackers, cranes.

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Multimodal transport

Our transport is multimodal, which means we use road, water, rail and air. We also handle customs clearance, storage and transhipment, and, in cooperation with our customers, technical activities for marine-related products. This includes the construction of pontoons, decommissioning, mobilisation and demobilisation for offshore and crane and other assistance in testing equipment.

Under own management

Van der Vlist has its own storage facilities and terminal at Moerdijk. With this terminal, we have a direct connection between inland waterways and maritime shipping, which allows us to facilitate excellent transhipment. We have our own people, coordination and equipment. This allows us to do everything in-house for the benefit of our customers in the marine sector.

Total control over the logistics chain.

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