Van der Vlist specialises in special and heavy transport for the agricultural sector, with a comprehensive fleet of vehicles, experienced drivers and global, multimodal transport solutions. We take care of the entire logistics chain for the transport of all kinds of tiller equipment and static loads, including:

Combines, pickers, loader wagons, sprayers, fertilisers, chippers, beet harvesters, potato harvesters, tanks, silos, cable drums and sprinkler reels (up to ⌀4.5 metres).

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Expertise en equipment

Our fleet includes narrow-bed flatbed semi-trailers, low-floor flatbed semi-trailers and railcars with trailers. The flatbed semi-trailers have a low unladen weight. We often combine several small agricultural vehicles to achieve a cost advantage for our customers. Our drivers load and unload independently and the cargo is secured according to NEN EN 12195-1 with our own equipment.

Global, multimodal transport

We provide global, multimodal transport solutions for our customers. This means, for example, a combination of road and maritime transport. We also provide storage and transhipment services for many machine manufacturers, assembly and disassembly of machine parts (also on site), cleaning, spraying, customs formalities and the PDI. Your entire logistics chain is therefore accommodated and well organised by one party

Total control over the logistics chain.

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